CPC Leaflets, Booklets, Inserts

Self - adhesive Multi - Page Booklets

Self - adhesive Instructions Booklets

Carton Promotional Hangers 

Easy Tear - Up Multi Pack Labels

Recipe, Game or Information Inserts

Promotional Stickers

Dual Side Printed Wet Glue Labels

Twin Pack Promotional Shrink Sleeves

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Leaflets, Booklets, Inserts characteristics

Leaflets, Booklets, Inserts help you promote your products and connect better with your customers through :

  • Promotional Coupons, Vouchers, Stickers
  • Reverse or Front printed Loyalty Reward programs, games, coding, etc.
  • Give more required or desired information (notices, recipes etc)
  • Increasing shelf - appeal through differentiation
  • 3 for the price of 2 type promotions through multipack applications
  • Re - marketing NC products (eg overlabelling over erroneous bar - code)
  • Super - fast hit the market operations (new product launches etc)