CPC Cartons

Various Single or Multi - Side Soft and Rigid Window - Patched Cartons

Various Shape Carrier Cartons

Laminated Barrier Cartons

Various Shape Lunch Boxes

Value Top Load Cartons

Classic End Load Cartons

Promotional Cartons and Holders

Complex Constructional Designs

Premium Cartons

Various Size Display Boxes

Elegant Soft Touch Cartons

Pure Fiber FSC® LM / LO Carton

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Cartons packaging characteristics

Cartons are most suitable when you are looking for :

  • Complicated shapes & designs
  • Protective Packaging
  • Automated packaging
  • Low Migration and Low Odour packaging
  • Use of renewable sustainable and recyclable FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) approved packaging materials
  • All kind of shapes and sizes soft or rigid window - patched boxes
  • Functional boxes (easy - opening, reclosable, display and storage etc)
  • Promotional Cartons (information flyers, holders, inserts)
  • Reverse Printing Coding Applications (Loyalty and Game programs etc)
  • Multipack applications
  • Food Direct Contact Materials
  • High Added Value creative packs playing on matt and glossy varnished, embossing, Braille, reverse printing etc