About us

A short history of CPC packaging and labelling solutions specialist.

1986Founded by Jacques Schor, from a printing unit for folding cartons, approx.10m € turnover
1990Business expands rapidly throughout Europe. Clear focus is put on supplying labelling and packaging solutions. Turnover reaches 50m €
1995Acquisition of Cauchard in Cotentin, Normandy – CPC enters the flexible packaging business, turnover reaches 100m €
2000Acquisition of Haferkamp in Oldenburg and Norden, Germany, manufacturer of wet glue and self-adhesive labels. CPC Group becomes one of the major labels players in Europe. Turnover reaches 150m €
2000-2010CPC focuses on packaging and labelling business. Traditional printing business is sold to third parties

2019 Acquisition of Fina Flexible Packaging of Valencia, Spain 

CPC offers a large range of packaging and labelling solutions across Europe, running 10 factories with approx. 700 employees.

CPC Headquarters in Montreuil, France